1SDO Training

Training Partner Co-Provider

Are you a trainer that wants to deliver training, but dont want the hassles of being an RTO?

Or are you a small RTO and its just costing you too much to stay registered?

1SDO Training can provide you with a complete co-provider solution at a fixed cost per unit.

As long as you meet our requirements and have the appropriate insurance we can solve your training delivery problems.


We provide the full solution.

1SDO Training provides the following solution to your training delivery needs:

  • Access to a Student Management System to allow you to create your courses, add your students and monitor their progress.
  • Access to our online learning portal to deliver the knowledge components of the unit you are teaching (or you can deliver this face to face, that's your choice!)
  • All Assessment Tools, Marking Guides(including full mapping), Learners Guides and PowerPoints available for immediate download
  • Upload feature for your completed practical assessment checklists
  • Certificate issue direct to your student and optionally to you
  • Fixed cost per unit
  • Annual training partner professional development conference
  • Dedicated partner manager
  • Seven day trading account, which means you don't have to pay up front for your certificates

We don't charge an application fee and we don't require an up-front "Non Refundable Prepaid System Credit" like some other providers

Sign up as a co-provider and start delivering training without the hassles!

To get things started, download our Training Partner Application Form HERE

You will also need an application form from each trainer HERE

Or give us a call for a confidential chat on 1300 856 684 or email info@1sdotraining.com.au