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UEECD0007 - Apply work health and safety regulations, codes and practices in the workplace

Electrical OHS training

This course (which replaces UEENEEE101A) and provides you with the knowledge and training to cover the mandatory requirements of work health and safety and how they apply to the various electrotechnology work functions.

It encompasses responsibilities for health and safety, risk management processes at all operative levels and adherence to safety practices as part of the normal way of doing work.



Course Information


Is this course suitable for you?

This course is suitable for anyone who has the need to understand basic work related requirements of WHS in the electrical industry.

You can use these skills in your workplace but they also can apply to general situations in the home, and in community settings.



      None - There are no prerequisite qualifications required for this course.


    What will you learn?

    You will gain and overview and basic understanding of:

    • The basic legal requirements covering occupational health and safety in the workplace
    • What constitutes a safe work environment
    • Manual Handling requirements
    • The requirements for safe use of chemicals used in the workplace
    • The requirements for working at heights
    • The requirements for confined spaces
    • The physical and psychological hazards in the workplace
    • Working safely with electricity
    • Emergency CPR and life support in the workplace


    What Award will be issued?

    Students who successfully complete both the assessment requirements will be awarded a statement of attainment for the units:

    A statement of attainment for:

    • UEECD0007 - Apply work health and safety regulations, codes and practices in the workplace


    How long will this certificate remain current?

    This certification does not expire however you must be actively using these skills to maintain competence.


    How the course is completed


    How do we deliver this training?

    1SDO delivers and assesses this course entirely online, however you are required to submit a photograph showing you wearing PPE (Hard hat, Safety glasses, Hi Viz Vest and Hearing Protection) whilst holding a government issued photo ID (such as a driver's licence)


    How long will the training take?

    • Online Learning: 4-6 hours approximately


    What are the requirements for this course?


    Equipment and Materials:

    • Learning materials: All material is provided via our online learning portal
    • Equipment: You will require access to a computer with internet access.



    • No in class participation is required.


    Special Requirements:

    There are no special requirements of this unit.


    Learning Skills (Language, Literacy, and Numeracy):

    A learner undertaking this course will require a specific skill level in Language, Literacy and Numeracy (LLN).

    The course has been assessed as requiring the following Australian Core Skills Framework levels:

    • Learning - Level 2
    • Reading - Level 2
    • Writing - Level 2
    • Oral Communication - Level 2
    • Numeracy - Level 2

    For further information regarding these levels click here or to arrange a test to verify if you have the appropriate skills to complete the course please contact our LLN officer via our contact page or via telephone on 1300 856 684.


    Why 1SDO?

    We at 1SDO provide you with quality training and assessment.

    We pride ourselves on delivering ASQA accredited training courses in a friendly and accessible learning environment. We understand that not all learners are the same, and we are motivated to guide each of our learners to meet the standards required in each of their courses.

    Our trainers are fully qualified, approachable, have a diverse range of industry experience, and are passionate about adult education. Our training and assessment is designed to help you feel confident using the skills you have learned.

    We are very happy to welcome you to 1SDO Training.

    Cost: $95.00

    For further information regarding the terms and conditions of your enrolment please click here to read the student handbook




UEECD0007 - Apply work health and safety regulations, codes and practices in the workplace